step 1 personal - family detail

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Number of brothers and sisters

step 2 education background - training record

Primary School

Secondary School

High School Certificate


Bachelor's Degree

Master Degree


Training Record no. 1

Training Record no. 2

Training Record no. 3

step 3 present / latest / previous employment

Employment status


May inquiries be made from your past or present employer(s)?

Other income/month

Previous Employment Record No. 1

Add Record

step 4 Other information





Other 2

Other Typing Specify

Further Information

Have you ever been arrested, been sued or has been convicted or are controlled by criminal or civil cases or not ?

You were the last illness / surgery. Or diseases, chronic diseases, chemical of food allerfies or not?

Do you own a motorcycle ?

Do you own a car ?

If necessary,can you provide a car for work ?

If neccesary,can you provide a motorcycle for work ?

Can you travel upcountry ?

If Can upcountry (Frequency)

Able to relocate abroad ?

Able to relocate upcountry ?

What associations or professional organizations are you a member of and what position do you hold?

Details of guarantor

Have you completed military service ?

Contact Person

Person(s) for quick contact Incase of emergency

Name of person(s) not related to applicant to whom reference may be made

Person(s) in the Company whom applicant knows (If any)

Others Information

How do know about this job application ?

Have you ever been employed by BJC/BJC Group before ?

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